Terms of Service

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 You must promise:

  • That you are and will continue representing your identity correctly.

  • That you indeed own or are the lawful representative of all the online accounts certified.

  • That the identifiable information you provide is current and represents your true identity.

 We Promise:

  • Rescind any permissions give by you to us, to access or operate your social accounts, once your TruBadge account and Trunym ID is issued.

  • Retain only the date displayed on your certificate and a private email to contact you with.

  • Not to share the email associated with your certificate for any commercial purpose.

  • We will do our reasonable business best to ensure your identity remains accurate.

 You Understand:

  • That we could to revalidate your identity to preserve its integrity at any time and for any reason.

  • We make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of an identity, but cannot guarantee it.

  • That no system of identity is perfect or fully protected from hacking, tampering or fraud.